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Space for Green Growth and Clean Energy Workshop

In September 2020, the ESA Downstream Gateway organised an all-day digital workshop uniting key public and private stakeholders to explore jointly how space can boost the development and implementation of clean and renewable energies. The panellists discussed the latest developments, impact of regulations, technical needs from the industry as well as the added value of space to  the energy transition.

Key insights are summarised in the article How Space supports the Energy Transition

The “Space for Green Growth and Clean energy” digital workshop conveyed representatives of public sector, industry, academia, and renown experts as well as ESA experts from the energy sector who presented current and future opportunities and challenges as well as the use of space technologies and data for green growth and clean energy.  The workshop was introduced and opened by Jan Wörner, Director General of ESA and convened as a series of high-level panels held over one day. Presentations can be directly downloaded by clicking on the title.


Panel 1: Impact of public regulation and policy for renewable energy and CO2 targets on the Energy Sector


The first panel focused on the impact of public regulations and policies for renewable energy and CO2 targets on the Energy Sector. High level-participants from chosen institutions presented key policies and developments on international as well as European level. Of particular importance were the Green Deal, Next Generation EU as well as the further development of off-shore energy assets and the Blue Economy. The role of space data for the Digital Twin of the Earth as well as environmental related policy questions had been underlined. This first panel was moderated by Simonetta Cheli, Head of Strategy, Programme and Coordination Office of the Directorate of Earth Oberservtion Programmes.

Gilles Ollier – Head of Sector Environmental Observation, DG Research & Innovation, Directorate C Healthy Planet, C3 – Climate & Planetary Boundaries, European Commission  

live (no presentation) 

Roland Roesch –  Deputy Director of the Innovation and Technology Center, IRENA The Energy Transition Globally in Power and End-Use Sectors requires Smart Regulation
Andreea Strachinescu – Head of Maritime Innovation, Marine Knowledge and Investment Unit, Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission  

Financing the Blue Economy for the Green Deal 

Rodolfo Lacy –  Director for the Environment Directorate, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – OECD Potential for Space Technologies for Clean Energy and Environment
Alessandro Blasi – Special Advisor to the IEA Executive Director, International Energy Agency IEA Space for Green Growth and Clean Energy
Walburga Hemetsberger –  CEO, Solar Power Europe Regulation and Policy on the Clean Energy Sector – a solar perspective


Panel 2: Technological needs and requirements deriving from new regulations from an institutional, financial and technical point of view


The second panel focused on industry needs that are deriving from changing regulations and the increasing development of renewable energies. Industry representatives highlighted current developments in the solar, wind, off-shore and hydrogen markets. The second panel was moderated by Stefaan De May, Senior Strategy Officer from ESA.

Vincenzo Costanzelli – Chief Financial Officer, Trina Solar Product Roadmap 2020
Bertrand Baratte – Director of Space Market – Global Market & Technologies, AirLiquid How Space can contribute to a sustainable green economy? 
Sune Strøm – Senior Lead Adviser for Regulatory Affairs, Ørsted live (no presentation)
Luca dal Fabbro – Vice President,Circular Economy Network live (no presentation)
Cristian Scaini – Head of Offshore Innovation, Saipem Saipem & ESA
Subash Dhar – Senior Economist, UNEP DTU, and Senior Fellow at the Global Centre for Environment and Energy, Ahmedabad University Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Priority Technologies for Energy Sector 


Panel 3: How the Space sector is contributing to tackle the new challenges and ESA’s future roadmap in support to the green growth and clean energy challenges on Earth and in Space


The last panel was dedicated to on-going and foreseen ESA activities in the field of green energy. Key programmes had presented their activities and involvement with industries and public organisations to support the energy transition on earth and in space. This panel was moderated by Donatella Ponziani, ESA Downstream Gateway Officer.

Stefano Ferretti – Earth Observation Exploitation Engineer, ESA Earth Observation contributions to the Clean and Renewable Energy Sector
Davide Coppola – Applications Engineer, ESA Catalysing Sustainable Innovation in the Energy Sector 
Alessandra Fiumara – Head of Office – Competitiveness in Positioning Navigation and Timing, ESA Space Positioning Navigation and Timing for the energy sector
Leopold Summerer – Head of the Advanced Concepts and Studies Office, ESA
Julio MonrealConsultant, Space Transportation, ESA

Adam HeribaHead of Launchers Exploitation Cost Monitoring Office, ESA


Clean Energy and green-H2 for Space Transportation

Jorge Alves – Space Technology Engineer, ESA Green Growth Clean Energy
Digital Workshop – Space Exploration


Opportunities and challenges of the transformation are numerous, but above all, there is need for practical, cost-efficient and scalable solutions. The event was a great step in strengthening dialogue and connections among participants for further exchange of knowledge and collaborations. Key insights of the workshop can be found in the article How Space supports the Energy transition.

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