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    Space can be the ideal environment to exploit a wide range of phenomena and physical processes that are not possible under the effects of gravity experienced on Earth, such as different fluid dynamics, material behaviour or cell biology. Besides microgravity, space offers extreme conditions, such as huge temperature differences and radiation, as well as an unobstructed vantage point for remote sensing or communication. All these characteristics can unlock benefits for commercial businesses on Earth in a wide range of sectors from energy to food and pharmaceuticals production. Now, access to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) has become easier thanks to established space service providers operating onboard the International Space Station (ISS): ESA ISS Commercial Partners and other service providers offer unique services along with clear pricing policies, which cover the complete service chain from preparation, launch, operations onboard the ISS, to sample return. The ‘Commercial Applications enabled by Space Environments (CASE)’ Open Call for Proposals aims to support the development of commercial services that benefit from microgravity and space environments.

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