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    Within INVEST element of ScaleUP programme proposal, it is proposed to build the ScaleUp Marketplace aiming at fostering the development of industrial players on upstream and downstream new and emerging markets to achieve sustained commercial growth through the implementation of the concept of marketplace.

    The support to the exploration of new markets will be brought forward with two parallel actions:

    • Aggregating the service providers on the supply side (“the offer”) offering commercial turn-key services
    • Aggregating “the demand” of the service by matching it with the most adapted, timely available service offer

    Participating States may also consider to co-fund either the demand side and/or the offer side.

    It is important to underline that in the Marketplace approach, ESA will not drive the product or service development, but will act as a broker aggregating service and demand. Companies will have freedom to organise the development according to their business model. Consequently, the Agency will have to monitor the execution of the programme, trigger the unblocking of the resources, and move to the next stage through a different scheme than traditional project reviews. It is proposed to use gate reviews (pass/fail type).

    Short development cycle and time to market are vital to support the ambitions of NewSpace endeavours, in particular the go-to-market for closing the business case. Therefore, it is paramount to further introduce measures to reduce the time-to-market.

    Business Opportunities

    The ScaleUp Marketplace aggregates and supports demand for new products and services and matches it up with potential providers in Europe

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