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    27G-Technology (or 27Gä) is a research & development startup that aims to support space exploration with the most recent technological solutions. Their first product is aimed at being the world’s smallest integrated radiation dose measurement circuitry, which provides measurement results from an ionizing radiation environment in the smallest possible size. “Therefore, it can be easily integrated into any electronic system – says CEO of the company, Gábor Géczy ­– and by that we mean a satellite participating in a space mission, an emergency alarm unit, a medical device or the utilisation in an industrial sector.”

    The team is just about to launch its first product, called Radnano. That is what motivated the founders to apply to the ESA BIC Hungary programme. “It is out of question that the space industry is one of the pinnacles of engineering, a sector full of exciting technical challenges and new opportunities. Mankind should be grateful to space exploration for creating a lot of inventions and developments in addition to the services we use thanks to space and satellites.”

    According to the startup, it can’t be denied that the programme helps them to get awareness, which will support obtaining new contacts and opportunities as quickly and widely as possible. “This is an important aspect for startups, but startups participating in the space industry feel it is even more essential.”

    As for their future plans, Mr. Géczy says that they have a lot on their plates. “Better and better product ideas are waiting in line in our everyday processes. We would like to build them from scratch just like the idea of Radnano. In addition to product development, we are also involved in the technical execution of new, challenging space missions, which will encourage us to create further inventions.”

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