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    The new launched ivTrackEVO GPS tracker and its dedicated cloud platform is a state-of-the-art tool to track moving assets worldwide, as well as within indoor facilities if requested. Whether in charge of a fleet of returnable transport packaging (boxes, metal pallets, rolls, racks, pipe reels,…), responsible for production flow optimisation and lean management (production orders, boxes, trolleys,…), warehousing manager, fleet manager of tools, engines or vehicles, you are all familiar with the hassle of dealing with large amounts of equipment used by a large amount of people at numerous locations. This frequent situation in any manufacturing, warehousing, equipment rental, construction or logistics industry often leads to huge waste of time, late delivery of project, useless urgent investment or rentals, lack of reactivity and competitiveness. These problems lead to the need for an easy, reliable and affordable solution to allow immediate geolocation of the asset you look for, customised alerts in case of pre-set events and analysis of data through customisable indicators and metrics: in a word, a powerful decision tool, both for daily operations and long-term strategy.

    This is where InVirtus Technologies comes in. The company was created in 2018, incubated at Nantes (FR) Centrale-Audencia-ENSA incubator and supported by the ESA BIC programme. Initially focused on the design of an IoT cloud platform for asset tracking using third part sensors, InVirtus has quickly decided to design and produce its own hardware and has become the French expert for both indoor and outdoor tracking of assets, offering an all-in-1 solution: an intuitive yet scalable cloud platform and android app to manage the data generated by both Bluetooth Low Energy gateways and beacons for the indoor and GPS/BLE trackers for the outdoor/hybrid geolocation.
    Raphaël Pantais, founder and CEO of InVirtus Technologies, considers: «the added-value of this technology is to both generate reliable data and allow their use and analysis in a user-friendly and intuitive cloud interface».

    Basing on the experience previously acquired on the ivTracklite GPS/LoRA tracker, the ivTrackEVO GPS tracker was launched in January 2022 and offers the following features: smart GSM (2G, LTE-M, Nb-IoT) for guaranteed worldwide coverage in more than 190 countries/600 network providers, intern memory for data recovery, accelerator for dynamic mode and shock detection, LED and buzzer, 5 year battery life time, IP67 and IK09 protection level for the ABS resin casing. On top, ivTrackEVO also integrates BLE sensor standard and allows outdoor + indoor complete geolocation, combined with InVirtus BLE ivScan gateway. As InVirtus Technologies BLE indoor solutions and GPS/LoRa trackers have been used since 2018 by several French industrial companies (aerospace, electronics, automotive,…), the ivTrackEVO was recently selected by a major railway equipment manufacturer to track the movements of thousands of assembly parts between numerous facilities at European level.

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