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SoHHytec – Developing the fuel of the future.

Reducing the reliance on conventional fossil fuels is an increasingly important topic. Hydrogen is recognized as the clean fuel of the future, though ~96% of worldwide production of hydrogen is based on fossil fuels itself. Further, the majority of this production happens in centralised facilities requiring specialised transportation of hydrogen over long-distances adding to cost, time and pollution.

SoHHytec SA is a Swiss cleantech startup with a unique technology for green hydrogen production. The specific technology based on a novel integrated photo-electrochemical device working with concentrated solar irradiation (by a factor of 1,000) enables decentralised production of hydrogen along with oxygen, electricity and heat, without any CO2 emissions and with unprecedented solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency. Hence it could replace conventional, fossil fuel-based energy. The technology is a result of more than 8 years of extensive research and development and is now ready to be applied to industrial use. SoHHytec’s product ‘Arb’ is a fully automated, plug and play system with best-in-class efficiency, durability and cost-effectiveness requiring minimal maintenance over a lifetime of around 20 years. The system is applicable to the needs of the industrial (fertilizer, chemical, mobility, etc.), residential, space and farming sectors. Arbs are deployed directly at the site of usage completely cutting the transportation requirements.

SoHHytec is an ESA BIC CH incubatee, which helps them to develop their space connection; recently, it raised USD 2 Million in seed round financing led by Singapore based Fund for Sustainability and Energy (FUND4SE PTE LTD). This seed round will enable the company to further pursue product development and deployment for the industrial use case.



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