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Nine Engineering – Access management, reinvented

Belgian start-up Nine Engineering has successfully launched NineGuard, a next generation access control solution based on facial recognition powered by space technology.

Investing in Security

In the past few years there has been increased vigilance amongst companies when it comes to cybersecurity threats. Investments in protecting digital assets have been steadily increasing. However, this obscures the fact that many breaches, even cyber attacks, often originate from physical trespassing into sensitive company environments. Physical security measures (badges, keys) can often be stolen or misplaced. Therefore, Roy and Frederik founded Nine Engineering in 2020 with a mission to develop a safer and more innovative physical security system.

Biometric solution augmented by space

After extensive research, it was decided that a biometric solution based on facial recognition was the most reliable system, able to work with a low margin of error and extremely fast processing speed. There is also no need to touch the access device, an important feature in times of a pandemic. Within the ESA BIC Belgium the goal has been to integrate GNSS to localise users when in proximity of certain modules on site. Earth observation to layer on top of digital twins for complex industrial sites, and satellite communication for authentication in remote facilities without 4G/5G. The system allows for various access functionalities (biometric, smartphone) for onboarding a visitor with ID checks, personal information, security briefings and certification.

Ready for launch

Nine Engineering received financial investments and funding from ESA and the Flemish Government to develop their product throughout the last two years. Since October 2021 the NineGuard biometric solution is commercially available and has sold their first units. The company Youston, one of their clients which focuses on archiving and document processing, has a bunker of about 1500 kilometers of archiving space, which requires adapted climate control and future proof security. NineGuard was selected by the company to secure their sensitive assets.

“NineGuard helps us to protect the valuable assets of our customers.”

‍- Pieter Vansynghel, CEO Youston


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