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    The new 5G technology will bring people and businesses a new range of opportunities, such as drone delivery, self-driving vehicles, optimisation of cargo logistics and augmented reality. Representatives from ESA discussed how space technology will be crucial in the development of this upcoming technology on January 27, 2021 in a seminar organised by ESA’s Downstream Gateway department.

    The seminar was presented and moderated by Gordon Campbell, Head of Enterprise, Science, Applications and Climate Department, Directorate of EO Programmes at ESA.

    Stefano Cioni, Telecommunication System Engineer at ESA, illustrated how 5G is not only the next evolution of the mobile network, but is opening a completely new paradigm. As a matter of fact, 5G is more a network of networks that will enable in the near future a new set of communication capabilities. For the first time, 5G will introduce the satellite communication component in the mobile network.

    Florin Grec, GNSS Evolutions Strategy Engineer at ESA, introduced the synergies between satellite navigation and 5G networks. 5G can also be used as a network-based positioning systems: while previous standards were limited by a 50 meters accuracy, with a combination of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and 5G the aim is to reach now an accuracy below 1 meter. ESA is involved in this revolution supporting applications in industrial IoT (or smart manufacturing), drone delivery, autonomous driving and timing synchronisation.

    Antonio Franchi, Head of Future Programme Acquisition, Satellite Constellations, 5G & AI at ESA, presented how 5G will become the connectivity fabric that will enable the global digitalisation. By some estimates, by the end of 2035 the economic impact of this new technology will be in the order of more than 10 trillion dollars, of which more than 500 billion will be satellite derived. ESA’s mission is to build bridges between the terrestrial telecommunication infrastructure and the space sector in order to unleash this economic revolution.

    Please find in the following table the presentations of the event.

    Stefano Cioni – Telecommunication System Engineer, ESA
    Florin Grec – GNSS Evolutions Streategy Engineer, ESA
    Space for 5g
    Antonio Franchi – Head of Future Programme Acquisition, Satellite Constellations, 5G & AI, ESA ESA Space for 5G

    You can watch here the full recording of the event.

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