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Technology Brokers

The ESA Technology Broker Network are dedicated specialists bringing together space and non-space industries. The main objectives of an ESA Technology Broker are twofold. The first to solve industrial challenges using innovative and advanced space technology. The second is to support innovative companies to bring their terrestrial innovations into the space domain.

All ESA Technology Brokers operate using a combination of market pull and technology push to find the optimum solution to your problem. They are embedded within the regional and national innovation ecosystems of their country but act as a Network to ensure a pan-European reach.

A wide range of tailored support is provided to both young and well-established companies who are looking to innovate and create new products and services.
This includes:

  • Technology scouting
  • Brokering introductions to potential collaborators and clients
  • Business support and coaching
  • Technical feasibility and market analysis
  • Guidance and support on funding opportunities

Many ESA Technology Brokers also implement ESA Spark Funding calls to accelerate the technology integration and product development process. There are differences in funding and eligibility between countries so contact your local ESA Technology Broker for comprehensive details.


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