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    Oceans cover around 70% of the world and with increasing maritime activities, the need for environmental protection and the further study and improvements of land-ocean-human interactions (be it implemented on or off-shore) is of importance for ESA.


    Maritime and aquatic refers to human interaction with, and activity at, sea. This is a broad domain that includes on one hand activities at land such as shipbuilding, ports for goods and people, and fishing port operations. It likewise includes activities related to the transportation of people and goods, aid to navigation and operations at sea as well as a maritime surveillance and safety/emergency response. And importantly it also includes all aspects of marine life and environment, aquatic-life monitoring, aquaculture and fisheries. Off-shore energy and its impact on the maritime ecosystem and the protection of latter is a raising topic.

    The further study of the land-ocean-human interactions and more generally, any activity that supports the efficacy of activities (be it implemented on or off-shore), is of importance for ESA.

    Maritime services based on the integrated use of space-based systems are deeply embedded in the operations of a wide range of user communities: shipping companies, fisheries, coast guards, port authorities, navies, national and international institutions. Multiple ESA programmes are engaging with national and international end-user organisations to complement and enhance their current capabilities through the application of satellite communications, navigation and earth observation systems and services.


    Develop and validate novel methods for Sea State retrieval from Sentinel-1 Interferometric Wide Swath (IWS) products. Produce experimental S-1 IWS Sea State products and demonstrate their value coastal science, operational wave-models, and selected test areas including the marginal ice zone in the Arctic. Demonstrate multi-mission EO synergies in the Mediterranean utilising ocean geophysical parameter retrieval from Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and SAR altimeters.

    For more information please visit esa-star.

    Under NAVISP Element 2, the Agency issues this permanently open Call for Proposals for the development of innovative competitive products in the Satellite Navigation and wider Position, Navigation and Timing domain. The objective is to boost Member States’ industrial competitiveness in the fast- evolving navigation sector. Proposals are welcome from space and non-space companies, from large and small enterprises and start-ups. Products can address satellite space segment, ground infrastructure and user segment including applications and services. Industry and research institutions of interested participating States are therefore invited to submit Outline Proposals for the development of pre-operational products matching their strategies and plans. Upon positive assessment of their Outline Proposal, they will be invited to submit the Full Proposal which will be evaluated once a Support Letter from the relevant national Delegation is received. The Tendering process details and the guidelines for preparing the Outline and Full Proposals are described in the AO.

    This is a call of the  Navigation Innovation and Support Programme (NAVISP) Programme Element 2. 

    For more information and access to the open call for proposal documents see esa-star webpage.

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