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How can the ESA Commercialisation Gateway help you? 


The ESA Agenda 2025 sets high priority in boosting commercialisation in the European space sector. Fostering commercialisation requires deep knowledge of markets, its actors as well as emerging needs and technologies. Not only the space sector itself is undergoing revolutionary changes, space assets and technologies have major impacts on terrestrial markets.

The purpose of the ESA Commercialisation Gateway is to identify these opportunities and to create links between new businesses and ESA. By interacting and listening to the needs of industry and potential partners, the Gateway embraces a market driven approach while at the same time providing easy access to ESA’s technical expertise and programmatic support.

The ESA Commercialisation Gateway provides visibility on space-related market trends and developments, innovative projects, programme activities, technical developments as well as networking and funding opportunities.

The ESA Commercialisation Gateway is open to requests and collaborations from interested parties including industry, academia or public organisations to jointly expand or develop new commercial space activities.


What will you find in ESA Commercialisation Gateway pages?


These pages will guide you through the application of space data and technologies.

The infographics will let you discover technology basics (ASSETS), meet the space community at dedicated events (NETWORKING), increase your knowledge on specific data/applications/technologies (LEARNING) and actively get involved in applications development taking advantage of ESA collaboration and funding (OPPORTUNITIES).

The “AREAS” icons will lead you to pages with dedicated information for specific application sectors.