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    Market trends
    21 November 2022
    Space market digest #2 – New space business areas and ever-growing Earth Observation market

    DEVELOPMENT OF NEW SPACE BUSINESS AREAS FROM RESEARCH TO APPLICATIONS   Increasing use of advanced composites for space applications is foreseen as the market...

    Materials - Manufacturing and...
    Market trends
    03 November 2022
    Space market digest #1 – UK space sovereignty efforts and space commercialisation action levers

    UK INCREASE NATIONAL SOVEREIGN SPACE CAPABILITIES TO LEVERAGE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES   As initiatives are sparking in many countries to increase national space capabilities sovereignty,...

    Space transportation
    10 October 2022
    Improving crop production with space data

    Hungarian space-related startups are currently diving deep into developing their businesses in the framework of ESA BIC Hungary. From time to time we would...

    Food and Agriculture
    16 September 2022
    ESA BIC Pitch to Fly Start-Up Competition at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2022

    The 73rd International Astronautical Conference (IAC) will take place in Paris on 18-22 September at the Paris Convention Centre. On 19 and 20 September,...

    06 September 2022
    Cartography production using geospatial technology

    LS Engenharia Geográfica provides professional surveying services The company’s core activity consists of the acquisition, storage, analysis, exploration and mapping of spatial data, with...

    Infrastructure and Smart Cities
    14 June 2022
    ESA Commercialisation at Viva Technology 2022

    The future is in play. Space technologies are reshaping the way we live, work, and interact with each other. Combining the support of ESA...

    06 May 2022
    New Φ-lab in Sweden and the Rise of Edge Computing in Space

    Building on its experience in fostering transformative innovations aimed at market adoption in the Earth observation (EO) sector, the model of Φ-lab@ESRIN is being...

    16 March 2022
    Spotting drones with bad intentions through space data

    An exciting area for the usage of space data would be: drones. But how do they connect? That is a question the company D3...

    Aviation Safety and security
    28 January 2022
    How Earth Observation Technology can interact with startups – Interview with Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Head of the ESA Φ-lab Explore Office

    Pierre-Philippe Mathieu is heading the Φ-lab Explore Office (within the Earth Observation Future Systems Department) at the European Space Agency (ESA) in ESRIN (Frascati,...

    Environment - Wildlife and... Health In-space services Infrastructure and Smart Cities Space transportation
    19 January 2022
    How handcrafted technology from space benefits the search for the origin of our universe

    RUAG Space Austria has been developing and producing innovative thermal insulation for satellites for the last 30 years. This insulation protects satellites from extreme...

    Health Materials - Manufacturing and...
    19 January 2022
    Nine Engineering – Access management, reinvented

    Belgian start-up Nine Engineering has successfully launched NineGuard, a next generation access control solution based on facial recognition powered by space technology. Investing in...

    Safety and security
    10 November 2021
    PDtraKer: Fighting Parkinson’s Disease with Space Tech


    Health Satellites
    Market trends
    03 November 2021
    Space in support for the insurance sector

    The global insurance market has suffered a downturn of -3% in 2020 due to the COVID-19, but those losses are expected to be recovered...

    Finance - Investment and...
    Market trends
    21 October 2021
    How Space Supports the Digitalisation of Hospitals and Related Services

    The COVID 19 pandemic has put immense pressure on medical services globally, leading to a re-assessment of ways of working, logistics, business models and...

    Market trends
    15 September 2021
    Space for Green Finance

    EMERGING SYNERGIES AND SPACE ADDED VALUE IN SUPPORT OF GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE FINANCE Climate change and environmental monitoring had been at the heart of...

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    Market trends
    12 July 2021
    Space for Smart and Circular Cities

    According to the most recent estimates, by 2050 the planet will have a population of 9.6 billion people with the majority (66%, with respect...

    Infrastructure and Smart Cities
    16 April 2021
    The Air Quality Platform project: how space technology can help challenge air pollution in cities

    Air pollution in large cities is one of the biggest challenges that municipalities will have to face in the near future. The increase in...

    Education and Training Environment - Wildlife and... Health Infrastructure and Smart Cities
    07 April 2021
    Space for Twin Cities: Green and Sustainable Cities webinar

    Cities are our future, and a better global future lies in urban innovation and action. To combat climate change, one of the main challenges...

    Energy Environment - Wildlife and... Health Infrastructure and Smart Cities Transport and Logistics
    16 March 2021
    Space for Cultural Heritage Workshop

    This one-day workshop organised by the ESA Downstream Gateway covered how the space sector combined with cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and...

    Environment - Wildlife and... Media - Culture and...
    22 December 2020
    Space for Twin Cities: Cultural Heritage seminar

    Historic sites across the world are under threat from deterioration and damages caused by pollution and time. Representatives from Rome, Venice and Cyprus discussed...

    Infrastructure and Smart Cities Media - Culture and...
    16 October 2020
    Φ-week: Digital Twin Earth

    Φ-week is the annual event organised by the ESA directorate of Earth Observation on innovation and latest achievements in Earth Observation science, technology and...

    09 October 2020
    Online Seminars: Space for Twin Cities

    The Circular Cities seen from space   Citizens are nowadays part of the urban innovation ecosystem.   Urban smart innovation is perceived as a...

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