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NHS Future Hospitals Initiative

NHS Future Hospitals Initiative

Following a well-established collaboration among the UK National Health Service (NHS), the UK Space Agency (UKSA) and ESA are promoting innovative solutions exploiting space technologies for the benefit of NHS ecosystem. This Open Call for Proposals is aimed at fostering activities bringing space technology that contribute to shape the NHS Future Hospital project initiative, recently kicked off by the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Such activities may include products and services addressing logistical aspects(e.g. track and trace of goods, smart transportation), improved patients reach (e.g. Tele-Rehabilitation, Tele-Homecare), space-derived diagnostic tools (e.g. imaging and monitoring solutions), diagnostic collaboration networks (e.g. Artificial Intelligence assisted diagnostic service, transportable point of care solutions) and services for improving environmental impacts (e.g. renewable energy, water treatment, air quality). The activity will be executed following a 2 Phase Demonstration Project approach.

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