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    Do you need data from the universe? Skyint is a Hungarian startup on a mission to help its users access space data on-demand, and by that make their everyday processes easier.

    Delivering space-based data to terrestrial computers is complicated, costs a huge amount of money and, above all that, it is not energy efficient at all. Skyint offers a Space Data as a Service technology to make this less complicated and expensive. Participants of different markets can use the cloud service to access and download on-demand the data they need for their professional activities.

    “By saving time and energy, they can deal more effectively with what is their core business and their distinctive advantage in the marketplace”, says CEO András Timár. “What we want to achieve is make access to space data as easy as filling up a glass with water.”

    The startup was founded in May 2021, and its founder had more than a 10-year experience in the space industry building small satellites. That’s where the idea of Skyint came from, since he also experienced difficulties in using space data in the process. Their medium-term goal is to have an MVP and to put it in the service of as many users as possible. “This would lay the foundation for our future success. In the long run, we would like to sell the service.”

    “Working together with ESA is always inspiring and a huge opportunity”, says Mr. Timár. “You will encounter a high level of expertise here and a great network of contacts can be built, not to mention financial support and the chance to use the ESA brand as validation.” He tells us that this is hugely motivational to work on space related activities, since it is the place for the best, most modern solutions in science and technology. “It’s a great mission! Just think about it: inventions that make our lives easier every day, come from the space industry ­– even if we don’t even realise it consciously.”

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