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Investing in access to space? Capacity building for fund managers

Space technology, infrastructures and digital applications offer many market segments with a high growth rate and many opportunities to take a market leading role. This series of capacity building workshops has been created for investor fund managers interested in finding out more about space investments.

Episode 5 is hosted by European Space Agency in ESTEC, Noordwijk, on Thursday 29 September and focuses on access to space during the ESA Industry Space Days 2022. The event will be held in the ESA Concurrent Design Facility (CDF), a state-of-the-art facility equipped with a network of computers, multimedia devices and software tools, which allows a team of experts from several disciplines to apply the concurrent engineering method to the design of future space missions. It facilitates a fast and effective interaction of all disciplines involved, ensuring consistent and high-quality results in a much shorter time.

08:30 – Breakfast

08:45 – European Space Transportation rationale, programmes and activities by G. Tumino (STS)

09:30 – Welcome by D/TEC

09:40 – Overview of Commercialisation @ ESA by D/CIP (Video)

10:00 – Perspectives for Space financing by EIF & EIB (Equity + Debt opportunities) by P. Coverliers and F. Morgera

10:20 – Launch services market overview by T. Kranz (STS)

10:50Coffee Break

11:10 – Specific sectors in Space Transportation (e.g. European Space Transportation Services, Technology and Infrastructures) by T. Kranz (STS)

11:40 – Market opportunities for space receivers by S. Schneider (EUSPA)

11:50 – ESA Technical engineering capabilities (e.g. test facilities, CDF,..) by J. Wehner & I. Roma (TEC)

12:20 – ESA Technical operations capabilities by M. Baker (OPS)

12:40 – End



To register, you are invited to complete the online registration before 28 September 2022. The workshop is free of charge.

If you are an investor and wish to participate in person, please write an email to



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