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    The future is in play. Space technologies are reshaping the way we live, work, and interact with each other. Combining the support of ESA and their disruptive visions, the new generation of entrepreneurs are building a better future that requires an ecosystem of diversified stakeholders to create a steady and sustainable economic growth.

    Viva Technology is the Europe’s premier gathering for those who are shaping a greener future, with a focus on start-ups and best minds involved in business, tech, and policy to tackle some of the greatest challenges we face today. ESA will be there to bring together the next generation of innovators, and connect with business leaders, investors from across Europe to foster growth and innovation in the space market. It will be an opportunity for showcasing the boundless world of space technology, making investors, start-ups, and individuals more aware of how space applications can be redirected to terrestrial sectors and vice versa. This event is entirely dedicated to technology and innovation where the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs) – North France, South France, and Greece – ESA’s Earth Observation and Space Transportation directorates will showcase and discuss their latest technologies, developments, and innovation together with more than 30 start-ups. This year, we will hear from over hundreds of speakers who share their perspectives and insights to help us tackle the biggest challenges facing our planet today. Join us as we explore the latest technologies and innovations transforming space, science, health, robotic, green finance, and tech.

    Nowadays, commercialising space technology requires high amounts of investment and thus there is a need to facilitate access to capital to enable to the next generation of space entrepreneurs.

    On Friday 17th of June, Geraldine Naja, the ESA Director of Commercialisation, Industry, and Procurement, will discuss with Capital Venture Fund Seraphim Capital further insights on space commercialisation and on the path undertaken by ESA and European investors to shape the European Commercial Space Policy. During the same day, the ESA Director of Space Transportation, Daniel Neuenschwander will provide the public his vision on new commercial European Space Transportation service projects to boost competitiveness, growth, and innovation in the domain of space exploration and in light of future human settlements on the Moon. It is the place to be if you are a fledgling firm or an established space company with visions of creating disruptive technologies exploiting technological assets from Space to Earth and vice versa.

    “At ESA BIC Greece, we are celebrating our first year of operation with one of our most promising startups showcasing at Viva Tech the use of blockchain technology in space operations” says Jorge Sanchez, ESA BIC Greece Manager.

    Experience the future of technologies at Viva Technology 2022 with us and join thousands of tech entrepreneurs igniting a greener future while realising their commercial ambitions.

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