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Spotting drones with bad intentions through space data

An exciting area for the usage of space data would be: drones. But how do they connect? That is a question the company D3 Seeron, incubated in the ESA BIC Hungary, is ready to answer. As Attila Balázs, one of the founders of the company, puts it: although none of the team members have been active in the space industry before, and their solution was not aimed at this territory in the first place, it is exceptional to eventually develop their solution in this area. “Very few companies have the opportunity to get involved in the space industry. That’s one reason why we are happy to do that.”

Their complex system is able to detect drones with bad intentions and, by that, help the operations of airports, borders or parts of the critical infrastructure sector, like oil refinery or electricity networks. The platform specialty is that in addition to processing camera images, it also uses both a voice locator and radio frequency search for successful missions. “The main goal is to allow those in charge of decision to do that based on a complex set of information” – says Mr. Balázs about their mission. They joined the ESA BIC programme earlier to be able to penetrate the international market and scale fast.


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