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Φ-week: Digital Twin Earth

Φ-week is the annual event organised by the ESA directorate of Earth Observation on innovation and latest achievements in Earth Observation science, technology and applications.Φ-week 2020 was  focused on  Digital Twin Earth – an AI-driven digital replica of our planet that converts the full power of AI, Earth Science and Modeling, cloud computing and Earth-scale environmental, societal and economical data into actionable insights for scientist, political and economic decision makers.Φ-week 2020 brought together the necessary ingredients to build the Digital Twin Earth and enable science-based decision capabilities, enhanced predictions and simulations, to responding to the complex societal and environmental challenges of our times.

The ESA Director of Earth Observation, Josef Aschbacher, said “Europe has built up the strongest EO capacity in the world, and we can preserve it only through innovation. The Φ-Week helps us to come with new ideas for what needs to be done in order to stay on top of it.

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