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Non-space business goes to the Moon

In September 2020, the ESA Downstream Gateway and the Moon Village Association (MVA) organized the online seminar “Non Space Business goes to the Moon” to address opportunities and challenges for non-space industries as to their possible contribution to the Moon Village establishment & development.

The digital seminar intended to promote the non-space industries’ involvement in the Moon-related activities and to find mutual benefits for space and non-space industries cooperation in the context of the Moon exploration & utilization. The debate  focused on the identification of  economic expediency and commercial opportunities for non-space industries to invest in new developments aiming at a “dual use” (that is both for space and on-Earth applications), as well as bringing existing terrestrial solutions to the attention
of space players. The  MVA confirmed the readiness to take the lead as platform for a dialogue between the two groups of industry, defining attractive cooperation models.

For more information see the Agenda.

Presentations can be directly downloaded by clicking on the title.

John Mankins, MVA Vice-President, The Moon Village architecture scenarios and associated building blocks

Jan Woerner, ESA Director General, The Space Agency perspective

Takuya ONO, Kajima Corporation (Japan)  Space architecture creating 1G field in a lunar lava tube

Space Zab (Thailand), Bridging Citizens to Space

Corentin Huot, DeepLunar (Luxembourg), DeepLunar

Enrico Dini, D-SHAPE (UK), Interior design solutions for Moon bases using regolith

Hervé Gilibert, ArianeGroup CTO, Collaborating with new space and non-space 

The full  event recording is available  here


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